Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Oh Blogosphere, How I have abadoned you so!

I love coming home from French class, singing in my head "all these poses such beautiful poses makes any boy feel like picking up roses..." only to turn on my computer and see my new background picture

Isn't life beautiful???

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Panda Bear

take one day at a time
everything else you can leave behind
only one thing at a time
anything more really hurts your mind
i don't want for us to
take pills
not that it's bad 
i don't want for us to 
take pills 
not that it's bad
i don't want for us to take pills
because we're stronger
and we don't need them

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How adorable is that chair?? oh, and the cat is pretty cute too 

I'd have to say, this chair cat is a little bit cuter, however 

Sunday, August 8, 2010

My car loves

Oh Scion XB, Why must everyone make fun of you?
So this blog is dedicated to the two cars that never fail to make me smile: The Scion XB and the Smart Car of course!

It's just one of those cars that it is just so ugly that it is cute and that makes me smile. Like the hairless cat for example
And then we come to my true love.... THE SMART CAR! 

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!  I just want to pinch it's cheek it's so cute!
One day I will get a smart car, even though I know that wouldn't be the smartest idea for the Chicago winters.

Drag Matinee

NOTE TO SELF: Go to Berlin the first saturday and 3rd saturday of every month for the fabulous DRAG MATINEE! Last night was fierce!

Gettin that money, singing in a cage to Fiona Apple's "Criminal"

Somebody told me AGAIN yesterday that I look like Lisa Marie Presley. WTF? 


Yeah. So i showed my boyfriend this picture and he said, oh when did you take this picture?? And I said, NO that's not me that's Lisa Marie Presley. So, yeah... that's life I guess

Saturday, August 7, 2010

ChiRat Sitting is a NO GO :-(

So.. As it turns out 

The Jerk 



Surprise Surprise. Beau actually likes dogs. He had no problem with Cody but Cody was a diva little bitch, snappin at my kitty. phh

Well, here are some pictures of my day with my dad